Old Timers - 17"Hx13"Wx13"D (Terricotta)
Apache Wise Man- 15"Hx13"Wx9"D (Earthware Clay)
Strange Bedfellows - 14"1/2Hx14"Wx9"D (Alabaster)
Beauty in a Shell- 12"Hx12"Wx10"D (Terricotta)
Playful Two - 10"Hx19"Wx15"D (Terricotta)
Day at the Beach -10"1/2x20"Wx12"D ( Terricotta-Patina)
Underwater Beauty -13"Hx16"Wx7"D (Alabaster)
Dimpled Girl - (Earthware Clay-Patina)

Whimsical Bear - 16"Hx12"Wx12"D (Alabaster)
Playful Squirrels - (Alabaster)
Desperate Struggle - (Terricotta)
Lokota Icon - 16"Hx16"Wx7"D (Alabaster)
Broken Love - (Marble)
Shangri-la - (Black Marble)
Stone Mermaid - (Alabaster Sculpture)
French Girl - (Earthware Clay Sculpture)
Help Given - (Terricotta) - 21"Hx11"Wx11"D
Come on and Pet Me!  - (Alabaster Sculpture)
Take Me Out To The Ball Game - (Earthware Clay) Sculpture
Pretty Brown Eyes - (Earthware Clay)  Sculpture
Lost at Sea - (Terricotta) 17"Hx24"Wx12"D Sculpture
Stepping Out - (Bronze Sculpture)